Monday, October 31, 2011

Dino Crisis Full PC Games Mediafire

Dino Crisis [High Compressed Mediafire PC game]
Raw instinct takes over in this adrenaline-pumping journey into Survival Horror. Something is terribly wrong. Your covert mission to infiltrate an isolated research compound has gone haywire. Now you find yourself pursued by a relentless, prehistoric terror. Suddenly, your mission becomes a desperate fight for survival.


System Requirement
  • OS: Windows 95/98
  • CPU: With 3D Card: Pentium 166 or higher (Pentium 2 - 266 or higher recommended)
  • Without 3D Card: Pentium 200 or higher (Pentium 3 or higher recommended)
  • RAM: 32 MB (64 MB or higher recommended)
  • CD Rom: 4x or higher (8x or higher recommended)
  • Display: 640x480 or higher (High color 16-bit recommended)
  • Video: DirectDraw compatible (Must support DirectX 6.1 or higher)
  • 3D Video: Direct3D compatible with 4 MB or higher VRAM (16 MB or higher VRAM recommended)
  • Sound: DirectSound compatible (Support DirectX 6.1 or higher)
  • Input: Keyboard or Gamepad (Microsoft Sidewinder recommended)
Install Notes:

  1. Unrar
  2. Mount Dino_Crisis.img
  3. Install
  4. Copy Crack from to installation directories
  5. Play
Mediafire Link
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