Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Sims 1 Mediafire Link

The Sims gives players the power to control the lives and relationships of a neighborhood of their own simulated people, known as "Sims." First, players give their Sims a unique appearance and personality. Players can create any imaginable character, maybe a sloppy jock, a shy bookworm, a playful child or a grumpy couch potato. Or they can recreate themselves, their friends and family. Players then move their Sims into a pre-built home or they can build their own from the ground up using the game's powerful architect mode. Sims can fend for themselves, they won't just stand around waiting for the player's commands, but they live a much more interesting life with direction. Players can help their Sims find a job and then send them off to work to make money. Then they can take that money and buy furnishings for the house or build an addition. To be happy, Sims must maintain relationships with other Sims and have time for recreation. Players can instruct their Sims to throw a pool party, find romance or shoot hoops with the kids in the backyard. The fate of a player's Sims, for better or worse, rests in the player's hands. As a simulation, there is no way to win The Sims. Players can force their Sims into a life of crime or help them live life in the fast lane. Build them a sprawling mansion or dump them into a dilapidated shack. Let them party like swinging singles or fall in love and experience the joys of parenthood. The game is like a sandbox where players can experiment, set their own goals and develop their own stories.

The Sims 1 Mediafire Link :
Mediafire (176 MB) 

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