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The Sims 3 DS Game Full Mediafire

The Sims 3
 The Sims 3 DS Game Full Mediafire
Rom number: DSi 0170
Rom: The Sims 3 Rom

It's been five years since the last Sims title for the Nintendo DS was released, and the title offered more linear gameplay style than its PC counterpart. It was good but not quite the true god-simulator experience people have grown to love and expect from a Sims game. That's changed with The Sims 3 for the DS, as it stays true to the life-simulator formula and also includes Karma powers, a potent way to help or harm your Sims.

Redesigned to utilize the dual screens of the DS, the majority of your Sim's information (like their Lifetime Wish, Job, Traits, etc.) is sequestered on the top screen. You can tab through the info up there by using the left and right shoulder buttons, and all this frees up the bottom screen for the action. The controls work well and you can move your Sim through everyday life by tapping locations and objects on the screen. The camera is also handled nicely here – you can follow Sims by zooming in, out and around using the face buttons while the D-pad moves the camera around the map. Together, it all works well and the optional tutorial does a fine job of taking you through the motions.

However digging into the menus can get a little confusing, especially if you put the game down for a while and then pick it back up. There are obvious symbols for using your phone or traveling into town, but trying to open up the screen where you can buy furniture can be a hassle.

While guiding Sims along their lives, their desires will pop up on screen for you to accept or decline. It ranges from small things like buying a book on Logic to mastering a specific skill, and every time you complete a Wish, you'll be rewarded with some Lifetime Happiness points (the amount varies depending on how big the task is). Lifetime Happiness points are important for Karma powers and can also be used to purchase perks like getting complimentary entertainment or being a professional slacker at your job. The rewards are amusing and useful, so they're a great incentive for fulfilling your Sim's Wishes.

Opportunities also play a bigger role in the DS version – they pop up randomly and come in a wide range -- from something simple like cooking hot dogs to going undercover and questioning another Sim. Opportunities have a time limit and reward you with money and/or skill or career boosts, so you'll need to pick and choose carefully so your Sim isn't constantly failing them.

 The Sims 3 DS Game Full Mediafire

 The Sims 3 DS Game Full Mediafire Patched Version;

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