Thursday, September 15, 2011

Seeing Heaven 18+Movie Mediafire link

Sinopsis Seeing Heaven (2010) 
If anything, you’ve got to hand it to Breaking Glass Pictures for giving just about any movie a chance. Through their various labels, they’ve delivered a variety of bizarre cinema that otherwise wouldn’t have seen the light of the day. They’ve even opened the door for gay cinema with their QC label, and their latest offering here is Seeing Heaven, a subversive attempt to show the horrors and emptiness of sexual promiscuity.
Paul is a male hustler who turns tricks on a nightly basis, and not just for the money; instead, he does so because he is able to see intense, bizarre visions when he has sex with total strangers. These involve images of a mysterious masked man that Paul believes holds the key to finding his long-lost brother, from whom he was separated from as a child. Paul gets involved with a shady group of characters, including a porn producer who desires to make “real art,” and everyone is sent down a path of depravity and self-discovery.  

Trailer Seeing Heaven (2010)

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