Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tips Access Hidden Themes in Windows 7

Windows 7 offers you location specific Aero themes based on the language and location you pick during installation.  Here we will take a look at accessing other hidden themes from different countries.

When you first start the Windows 7 installation the first thing you will do is select a language, time and currency format.  This is where Windows determines what themes you’re presented with by default.

  •  To access the other international themes copy and paste the following path into the search box and hit  Enter.


  • In the MCT folder you will find additional themes for Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Great Britain.

  • You can go in and grab just the Wallpapers…

  • Or go into the Theme folder double click on the the thumbnail to add it. 

  • Here you can see I added all of them and now they will be available under the My Themes section for when you want to change them around.

This is a neat little trick that will let you customize Windows 7 with hidden themes already available.

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